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TRYAR: Training of Roma Youth on Antigypsyism and human Rights

The project aims to contribute to the fight against prejudice and stereotypes regarding the Roma population, among young people.

Its implementation consists of two parts:

  1. Training of 10 young Roma, 17-25 years old, on human rights, equality and anti-Roma stereotypes, with the aim of creating a group of young Roma trainers. The training group will be trained through a series of workshops by the ANTIGONIS training team.
  2. Implementation of pilot awareness workshops on human rights, discrimination and stereotyping by Roma educators and trainers, their peers, secondary school students and young people from the wider Thessaloniki area.

Project description:

The TRYAR project seeks to bring young Roma and non-Roma in the Thessaloniki area closer together, through the breaking of anti-Roma stereotypes and prejudices, both within and outside the school community.During the first phase of the program, 10young Roma, aged 17 to 25, will be trained by the ANTIGONΕ training team to become trainers themselves. The purpose of their training is, on the one hand, the clarification of terms as prejudices, stereotypes, racism, discrimination, and, on the other hand, the better knowledge of Roma history, their social and political exclusion, genocide and the Holocaust. An important part of the training of young Roma trainers will be the acquisition of non-formal training methodologies and tools through techniques and activities designed to make knowledge accessible to everyone, regardless of background and origin.In the second part of the program, the team of young Roma trainers will conduct 10 two-hour pilot awareness workshops in groups of their peers, classmates as well as young people from the wider community of Thessaloniki, on human rights and anti-Roma stereotypes. Each workshop will be co-ordinated by two young Roma trainers, with the support and physical presence of a trainer from the ANTIGONΕ team.

Objectives of the program:

  • Fighting anti-Roma stereotypes and racism, both within the school community and among young people in general.
  • Bring together young Roma and non-Roma, through communication and co-working in workshops.
  • Raising awareness and training of young Roma and non-Roma in issues of human rights and social equality.
  • Familiarise young Roma with the methodology, techniques and tools of non-formal education.

Target groups:

  • Young Roma from the wider Thessaloniki area.
  • Young non-Roma from the greater Thessaloniki area.
  • Secondary school students.
  • Young NGO volunteers.


  • Implementation of a 30-hour training for a team of 10 young Roma trainers 17-25 years old (in 5 6-hour consecutive training sessions)
  • Implementation of 10 pilot awareness raising workshops with various groups of youth in Thessaloniki approximately 150-200 young people in total- (organised by ANTIGONE in schools, municipality educational and youth departments, groups of NGOs’ volunteers, as part of youth festivals, celebrations etc.) with a duration of 2 hours each. Every workshop will be coordinated by two Roma young trainers with the support and the physical presence of one of the ANTIGONE’s trainers. Every workshop will include a small evaluation activity in the end based on non-formal education methodology for the selection of participants’ feedback for every pilot workshop implemented.
  • Implementation of one 6-hour session for exchanging feedback from the workshops Roma young trainers conducted and for collecting / organising their ideas for follow-up activities
  • Upload and dissemination of assessment report to national and local educational actors, CSOs, educational professionals etc.


European Youth Foundation, Council of Europe


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