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“ANTIGONE – Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non Violence” is a non-profit organisation headquartered in the center of Thessaloniki and active in Human Rights activities since 1993.


ANTIGONE aims to raise awareness on Human Rights, Equality, Accessibility and Freedom from degrading treatment. They are an essential cornerstone for a future of sustainable development where humanity can live its full diversity in safety and with complete dignity.

The organisation develops actions about human rights and social ecology. It tries to fight against discrimination and racism with non violent means, through national and international projects supported by permanent staff and volunteers to further promote and develop non funded activities.


Non formal educational activities and experiential learning workshops in schools in north of Greece

Social integration of all people (disabled, roma, youth, elderly etc) as for example the ABLE 20 project :

Educational seminars / vocational training workshops for socially excluded population (e.g. prisoners, migrants) as the SELF DEFENCE project:

Experiential workshops with targeted population at risk (e.g. women victims of violence, youngsters) as “ReActive Youth II-Against hate Speech Online”:

Awareness raising and participation in festivals as in YOUTH IS TOLERANCE :

Research on racism and immigration, annual reports, surveys, essays , Publications

Update on electronic library : Library

  • Artability

Artability is a two year Program concerning the exchange of good practices that could mobilise people with disabilities to participate in the process of lifelong education through workshops on the technical methods of visual arts and on the organisation of art exhibitions. The activities of Artability mostly concern the empowerment of self-confidence of the participants in their individual capacities, while the aim of the Program is the subversion of the prevailing concept of education according to which persons with disabilities are considered to be only consumers and not producers of knowledge.

The aim of Artability is to increase their social participation and the confidence of participants in their potential. Moreover, it has the purpose to facilitate their access to cultural, recreational and also professional activities.

In November 2015 an exhibition of the art works of participants in the workshops of Artability will take place, and the supportive actions that could be framed by volunteers are many : contribution to the organisation of the exhibition, preparation work, promotion activities etc.

Waves for citizenship, waves for legality

There has been an effort for a fruitful dialogue among civil society and public bodies, so that solutions in issues of prevention and confrontation of the organised crime and juvenile delinquency could be found. Such a dialogue is based on the idea of participatory democracy and includes a series of activities such as, among others, meetings, seminars and discussions. Since November 2015 and for the following months, actions of information and sensitisation of young people about the topics of the Program will be organised and therefore participation and involvement of -as more as possible – volunteers in the preparation and implementation of these actions is welcomed.

  • Refugees and migrants

In the framework of humanitarian assistance to refugees in Eidomeni, at the borders of Greece and FYROM, ANTIGONE (in cooperation with the social space “Oikopolis”) provides its help in the collection and selection of products of first need and clothes. It can also send volunteers in missions at the border, along with Oikopolis.

There are also activities for children of migrants and refugees of Thessaloniki.

Indicative recent fields of ANTIGONE activities

  • GROWL: : core theoretical and empirical knowledge on degrowth, to be articulated with the different contributed thematic modules. It works towards a good understanding and complementarity between all the multiple and diversified perspectives of degrowth. And ANTIGONE organized an international Course on Solidarity and Cooperative Economy, during 1-6 October 2014, in Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Youth cultivating for their rights : Sensitisation of youth towards the development of a democratic and a sustainable society , Awareness raising of youth on human rights and environmental protection issues , Acquaintance of youth with urban planting and growing methods for herbs and vegetables, Reinforcement of the feeling of common responsibility towards the protection of the environment and the public space.

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism (EuroVelo 13 and EuroVelo 8) :

  • Womens’ café : organized by volunteers till summer of 2015

  • The environmental Thessaloniki through the eyes of two ANTIGONE volunteers :

  • Participation in experiential learning workshops on human rights that ANTIGONE organises

  • Supportive teaching for pupils and language classes (Greek, English, Italian etc) to children, young people and adults of every age

  • Social integration of disabled people

  • Participation in actions concerning rights of animals and peace diet (veganism)

  • Projections of movies and documentaries follow discussions and/or speeches from specific speakers (Social Cinema Group)

  • Participation of youngsters in trainings ( e.g. “youth in action programme”)

  • Social meetings with persons of different cultural, society or other background who want to meet each other and have a pleasant time together are considered by ANTIGONE one of the most useful means through which respect in diversity, fight against xenophobia and every counteraction against any form of racism could be ensured.


Every volunteer, according to his/her interests and skills, can engage in the various activities implemented by ANTIGONE or propose new ones.

If you are interested and would like to take part, help and/or submit a suggestion, please contact us.

Ms Sofia Kyprianidou, Volunteer Coordinator :, 2310.285.688 (office hours: 10.00-18.00).