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Selected publications on migration and asylum

  • Greece
  • European Union
  • International

Migration trends in an enlarged Europe

(A new report by Equinet – the European Network of Equality Bodies)

(A Research made by British Council Brussels, Foreign Policy Centre and Minority Policy Group)

(A Research made by Arno Tausch, Christian Bischof, Tomz Kastrun & Karl Mueller)

(a study produced by the European Platform for Migrant Workers Rights (EPMWR))

(a Comparative Analysis by Mark Bell, Isabelle Chopin and Fiona Palmer examining the transposition into national law of the Racial Equality Directive and the Employment Equality Directive in 25 EU Members States)

(a report written by Han Entzinger & Renske Biezeveld for the European Commisssion)

(written by Jan Niessen & Yongmi Scibel of the MPG – on behalf of the DG Justice of the EC)

(written by Helen Scwenken on behalf of the Centre of Comparative Immigration Studies of the Univers. of California, San Diego)

(a report written by Mary – Anne Kate & Jan Niessen and prepared by Migration Policy Group (MPG) for the European Programme on Integration and Migration (EPIM))

(A research study by Bimal Ghosh on behalf of the IOM & The Hague Process on Refugees and Migration)

(a Study carried out after a request of the “Commmittee on Civil Liberties, Justice & Home Affairs” of the European Parliament with the cooperation of “ANTIGONE” as a local partner concerning the research in Greece)

(a Statewatch Supplementary Analysis written by Professor Steven Peers – University of Essex)

(written by Michel Beerens & Caroline van Eijk and executed by funding from Grundtvig)

(Decision of the European Court of Human Rights concerning the issue of political asylum)

(A collection of essays published by ENAR)

(a critical geography of migration policies)

(a Report by the U.N. Global Commission on International Migration)

(selected papers of an UNFPA – IOM Expert Meeting)

(a report by Mary Kawar – a senior specialist on gender and employment in the International Labour Organisation)

(by Christien van den Anker – published in “Journal of Global Ethics”, 2:2, p.163-182)

(article of V. Arapoglou in “The Greek Review of Social Research”, special issue 121, C’ 2006, p. 11-28)

(What would happen if border controls were to be suppressed and people granted the right to move freely throughout the world?” (Essays on the Free Movement of People, Edited by Antoine Pιcoud and Paul de Guchteneire))