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Kyklos – Urban Sustainability and Circularity Lab

ANTIGONE – Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Violence’ (ANTIGONE) has partnered with ‘InCommOn’, a civil non-profit organization that promotes sustainable and participative urban development, within the framework of a pilot project called ’Kyklos – Urban Sustainability and Circularity Lab’.

’Kyklos’ is the first space in Greece dedicated to promoting dialogue on the relationship between a circular economy and urban realities, and exploring the possibilities for a ’circular’ transformation of neighborhoods by employing all available resources, be it human or material.

‘Kyklos’’ aim is to inspire and be inspired by the residents of Ano Poli, the neighborhood it is located in. It intends to extend an invitation to the public (neighbors, stakeholders, and other groups), to provide the space and the impetus for the exchange of ideas and views, to work collectively towards social, environmental, and economic sustainability, and to promote diverse, cohesive, and equitable societies.

ANTIGONE has already partipated in ‘Kyklos’’ process of developing community-building strategies and has made a significant contribution in this respect, especially during the first stage of the process, which was concluded in the spring of 2020.

For more information, please visit InCommOn’s website at and Facebook page at