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Peer mediation in schools

The project is implemented by ANTIGONE in collaboration with Heinrich Boell Foundation Greece as a part of “Schools for Change” project. Peer mediation introduces schools to an alternative means of peaceful conflict resolution within the school community between students through a structured conversation that takes place under the coordination of trained student mediators. Peer mediation is embodied in the school reality under the surveillance of the responsible teachers in every school. The educational activities of ANTIGONE are free of charge for the participant schools.

Peer mediation in schools

Development of teacher toolkit and pilot implementation with a student group


Project description

ANTIGONE takes on the interactive, experiential orientation of teachers, students and parents on peer mediation. Following, the organization takes on to implement the first part of the training for the student mediators’ group in every school. ANTIGONE also distributes to schools the educational toolkit titled “Peer mediation. A toolkit on conflict resolution in schools” that has been published in collaboration with Heinrich Boell Foundation Greece.


Project objectives

  • promotion of peace communication between school community members
  • prevention / reduction of conflicts, bullying and school violence
  • development of skills for democratic conflict resolution from students
  • development of trust, respect and equality within the group


Target groups

  • teachers / educational stakeholders
  • students
  • parents



  • Workshops addressing school teachers for familiarization with the principles and the process of peer mediation. ANTIGONE’s toolkit on peer mediation is distributed to every participant teacher.
  • Interactive orientation sessions for all students of the school classes before the development of student peer mediators’ groups.
  • Educational workshops for the peer mediators’ groups in every school. ANTIGONE implements the first part of the training and following the responsible teachers take on to continue the training and run the mediation in every school.
  • Informative / interactive workshops for parents in order to get informed on the meaning of mediation and the process followed in their schools.

Project Duration

       The project is realized every school year since September 2016.


Funding Body

Heinrich Boell Foundation Greece



The “Schools for Change” project’s infographic 2021