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Human rights Education for an inclusive Greek school community (INCLUSIVE). The project aims at the inclusion of refugee students in the Greek school community.

Under the project ANTIGONE runs workshops in primary schools, secondary schools and lyceums broadly in Thessaloniki for the sensitization of students on human rights with a particular emphasis on refugees and displaced persons rights, while at the same time ANTIGONE has a stable presence in afternoon schools (DYEP) working with refugee students on team building and peaceful cooperation.

Concerning the preparation of teaching community, ANTIGONE runs intercultural education training seminars addressing teachers and official educational actors as well as sensitization seminars for parents.

The project is an attempt to prepare both local community and the newcomer groups of young refugees to live together in an environment of tolerance, in terms of mutual respect and understanding.



Project objectives

  • To reach full participation in education of all children without discrimination through non-formal methodology and techniques.
  • To cease stereotypes and prejudice generated and reproduced on the basis of national origin, language, religion, culture etc.
  • To mobilise local society fight inequality and claim equal access to human rights for all.
  • To build democratic attitudes and lifestyle on every aspect of social, political, economic and cultural life.
  • To prepare students to learn how to work together under intercultural education principles with respect to human rights values.
  • To facilitate teachers perceive intercultural differences and practice ways of working with students in intercultural educational environments.
  • To sensitise parents on human rights and children’s rights in education and every sector of social life.



Target groups

  • Students of 1st and 2nd Grade Education
  • Teachers of 1st and 2nd Grade Education
  • Refugee students of 1st and 2nd Grade Education enrolled in afternoon schools (DYEP)
  • Parents of children and adolescent students



Project activities

  • Workshops on human rights based on non formal education methodology addressing students of 1st and 2nd Grade Education
  • Workshops on team building and peaceful conflict resolution addressing DYEP students.
  • Workshops on multicultural education and on the use of non formal education methodology in human rights education addressing teachers of 1st and 2nd Grade
  • Experiential workshops on inclusion of the differentiability addressing parents



Project duration


Project runs from February until July 2017.





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