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Sharing Knowledge, Handling Controversy in schools of Greece, North Macedonia and Bulgaria (SKHC)

Sharing Knowledge, Handling Controversy in schools of Greece, North Macedonia and Bulgaria (SKHC)

Under the project, the partnership focuses to the development of a joint targeted intervention for the prevention and confrontation of violent conflicts based on controversy within the school communities of Greece, North Macedonia and Bulgaria. For Greece, the project builds on previous capacity achieved through “MICRON!” project ANTIGONE successfully realized the years 2018-2019.


To build a peaceful and inclusive school environment in Greece, North Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Specific objectives:

  • NGOs of Greece, North Macedonia and Bulgaria to develop a common participatory methodology and educational tools of human rights education to facilitate their local school communities address controversy.
  • School communities in the three countries to get empowered towards the development of a “community-based” approach in their operation as a means of social inclusion and welfare of all their school members.
  • To promote non-formal education for human rights in the mainstream teaching practice in the three countries.

Target groups:

  • Teachers in all levels of education
  • Educational policy-makers
  • Students, parents / legal guardians (indirect target groups)


  • Translation and dissemination of the Council of Europe’s training tool titled “Managing Controversy, Developing a Strategy for Handling Controversy and Teaching Controversial Issues in Schools” in North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece (in Greece, the toolkit has already been translated under ANTIGONE’s past “MICRON!” project.
  • Development of a training pack on handling controversy in Greece, North Macedonia and Bulgaria based on common controversial issues the three countries need to address within their school communities.
  • Implementation of 8-hour training programmes addressing the teaching communities in various regions of Greece, North Macedonia and Bulgaria.
  • Realisation of an online awareness raising Final Event with the participation of the teaching communities in the three countries.
  • Development of an online platform on handling controversy through human rights education.


February – October 2021


  • ANTIGONE – Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Violence (Greece)
  • Journalists for Human Rights (North Macedonia)
  • Amalipe CIDT (Bulgaria)

Funding Body:

European Union and the Council of Europe, Democratic and Inclusive School Culture in Operation (DISCO)





Press release for the kick-off meeting and the educational experts’ meeting of the SKHC project (in Greek language)

SKHC Electronic Tool (webpage with information and educational material)

SKHC Educational Toolkit