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SelfDefenceIT – Migrant Women defend themselves against violence in New Media

SelfDefenceIT is an international project offering migrant women, mothers, legal guardians the chance to learn and improve their skills on New Media tools in order to defend themselves and their children against the threats (violence, racism, discrimina-tion) in New Media(Internet, mobile phone, computer games)


Migrant Women Defend Themselves against Violence in New Media

Within the reality of a rapidly developing information and communication technology and the ever-growing media skills of children and adolescents, migrant woman are increasingly confronted with new challenges. Like the majority of children and youngsters, kids with a background in migration not only have a considerable amount of experience with modern media but also possess a relatively high level of media skills in terms of handling and using the equipment. On the other hand they lack considerably in the ability to handle the contents critically. Due to often difficult living and working conditions adult migrant women generally have a very hard time in keeping up with these developments. The growing gap of media skills of mothers with a background in migration counterparts with the increasing usage of these media tools by their kids and – because these new media comprise the possibility of destructive aims – also with new forms of media-related violence.

For children and adolescents with media skills and a scarcely supervised access to the Internet it is very easy to get their hands on extreme displays like real executions or rapes (so called “snuff videos”). Due to anonymity and easy application, the exchange of pictures, videos and messages with diverse depictions of violence is widely spread and harbours danger as problematic and periculous contacts are the rule and not the exception.

Main Principles of the Project

The Self Defence IT Project follows the Project Principles below:

  • We guarantee that within our project migrant women are not perceived and treated as objects of research
  • The partners ensure that the participation and involvement of migrant women as experts within the project is guaranteed
  • We support self-advocacy and self-representation of all disadvantaged groups and people
  • The main goal of the project is empowerment of migrant women and a contribution to the fight against racism and discrimination in the partner countries.
  • The partners agree to refrain from reinforcing the ongoing gender segregation within the labour market


SelfDefenceIT Project aims to support migrant women to educate their children towards a responsible usage of media by training them on media skills. In this way, the project is expected to decrease violence and racism in and by new media by pointing out concrete scopes of action and strategies for self-empowerment of this target group. Furthermore, improvement of the symmetrical interpersonal level between children and mothers and diminution of the structures of power caused by the ever-growing gap of skills between the generations is targeted within the scope of SelfDefence IT Project.

Brief schedule

The project begins with a data collection phase in partner countries which is followed by drafting common and national analyses reports. Professional and individual counselling services for migrant women are provided throughout the project based on the identified needs and regarding the new media and the associated violence in the new media. Based on the data gathered, the following phase is the common planning of the workshops and development of curriculum via which the migrant women are trained on ICT and new media skills. Implementation of workshops and training tools follow this phase.

SelfDefenceIT Project is supported by an evaluation component for which Objectives-oriented project planning (ZOPP) method is used.

Results to be achieved

  • Analysis
  • Amplification of the level of knowledge of migrant women in terms of the usage of new communication technologies in order to support the responsible accompaniment of their children’s critical approach to the usage of new media
  • Get to know the dangers and develop strategies through qualification
  • Development of consciousness  in regard to the various and in part new forms of violence
  • Looking into new forms of violence
  • Increase of media skills of parents with a background in migration
  • Critical handling of the media potential (as the new media not only harbours dangers but also offer new ways and possibilities for young migrant people to get attention for their requests)
  • Development of skills in order to be able to profit from the positive aspects of the new technologies (communication, networking, participation…) and combating violence in and by new media (sexism, racism, mobbing…)
  • Enforcement of self-confidence and consciousness

Target groups

Primary target group: 

  • Migrant women,
  • Legal guardians,
  • Migrant women working with children


  • migrant children and adolescents of the first and second generation
  • male guardians and working with children

Scope of the Programme by which SelfDefenceIT is funded

The SelfDefence IT Project is made possible thanks to the contribution of Daphe III Programme of the European Union. The general objective of the Daphne III Programme is to contribute to the protection of children, young people and women against all forms of violence and to attain a high level of health protection, well being and social cohesion. The programme shall contribute, especially where it concerns children, young people and women, to the development of the EU policies and more specifically to those related to public health, human rights and gender equality, as well as actions aimed at protection of children’s rights, and the fight against trafficking in human beings and sexual exploitation. The particular attention is paid to the preventive measures to protect children, young people and women against all forms of violence.

The programme’s specific objective is to contribute to the prevention of and the fight against all forms of violence occurring in the public or the private domain against children, young people and women, including sexual exploitation and trafficking in human beings, by taking preventive measures and by providing support and protection for victims and groups at risk.


February 2011- January 2013  (24 months)


  • MAIZ Autonomes Zentrum von und für Migrantinnen – Austria
  • Freiburg University of Education/ Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg – Germany
  • ESCODE/ Estudios y cooperacion para el desarrollo – Spain
  • Openhead CIC (Fossbox) – Great Britain
  • University of Manchester – Great Britain

Contact for further information:


26 Kamelion Str, 15452, ATHENS, tel: +30-210-6711349, fax: +30-210-6711343

4 Poseidonos Str., 54250, THESSALONIKI ,  tel: +30-2310-328.791

51  Filippou Str., 54631 THESSALONIKI, tel: +30-2310-285.688, fax: +30-2310-222.503


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