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Schools for Change

“Schools for Change” project is being implemented by ANTIGONE in collaboration with Heinrich Boell Foundation every school year since 2012. The project consists of educational programs and activities based on non-formal education methodology aiming to the promotion of peace and democracy in education. Under the framework of the project the organization realizes workshops on various human rights related issues as well as training sessions on peer mediation in schools. All educational activities are free of charge for the participant schools.

Project description

Schools for Change addresses the school community of First and Second Grade Education (primary schools, gymnasiums and lyceums) combining activities for students, teachers and parents on thematic sections that are chosen based on particular needs and interests of every participant group. The educational workshops of ANTIGONE are related with school subjects as Greek modern literature, social and political education, history and religious subjects as well as with optional school projects and activities on relevant sections.

The sub-sections of ANTIGONE’s school workshops are: human rights, children’s rights, gender identities, disability and rights, prevention of prejudice and racism, prevention of bullying.

Project objectives

  • information / sensitization on issues of democracy, peace and human rights
  • combat of negative discrimination of any type
  • development of personal, social and cognitive skills
  • interaction within the school community and other social groups under terms of mutual respect
  • training on the use of non-formal education methodology (for participant groups of teachers and educational professionals)

Target Groups

  • teachers and educational stakeholders
  • students
  • parents


  • non-formal education workshops for students
  • training sessions for teachers
  • experiential seminars for parents
  • training workshops for mixed groups

Every educational workshop for students has a duration of 2 school hours and is being realized with the participation of maximum 25 participants (usually realized per school class). Upon school’s request, ANTIGONE can realize more workshops on the same or on different thematic sections. Before the organization of the educational activities ANTIGONE communicates with every interested school in order to jointly with the responsible teachers select the training activities for every class.

As far as it concerns the training sessions that address adult groups, they are planned individually, in collaboration with every related school or educational actor.

Project duration
The projects runs on a school year basis, from September 2012 until today.

Funding Body

Heinrich Boell Foundation Greece

The “Schools for Change” project’s infographic 2021

Schools for Change project leaflet (DE)

Students and teachers feedback from the workshops

Digital maps of schools

Review of ANTIGONE’s educational activities for 2015