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School communities protect the climate

“School communities protect the climate” is based on Thessclimateschools that was designed in the end of 2019 to start running in schools from January 2020. COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the implementation of the specific project, but also the field of education in Greece in general. In the beginning of March 2020, when the first general lock-down took place in Greece, the team of Thessclimateschools team put a lot of effort to quickly respond to the needs and prepare alternative digital activities to be sent to teachers. Due to the fact that lock-downs in Greece lasted more than expected, ANTIGONE transformed the project into a digital one that could be implemented at home maintaining always the same aim of the project. Although the difficult circumstances the project was very successful and the feedback of the participants was highly encouraging. Due to the successful implementation Thessclimateschools, ANTIGONE and CER continue implementing this project by slightly adjusting the activities and target groups according to current needs.



“School communities protect the climate” project’s goal is the education of the school community to coexist, co-decide and raise awareness on the issue of climate crisis through experiential learning, understanding the concept of Energy Communities and effort to create a wider Energy Community through synergies with institutions and citizens’ initiatives.



  • Inform and raise awareness of teachers and students about the climate crisis (causes / consequences) with emphasis on the energy crisis
  • Raise awareness of the school community to reduce the schools’ energy footprint
  • Understand the concept and importance of the energy community
  • Education on issues of peaceful coexistence and active citizenship through the empowerment of student councils and their importance for building an energy community
  • The cultivation of action intention towards the creation of an energy community


Target groups

  • Primary Teachers – students – parents (Gymnasiums)
  • Up to 3 pilot schools (Thessaloniki, Athens)
  • Up to 10 schools with online education and attendance
  • Secondary Local Government – Local Society



  • Preparation of educational program
  • Informational event for teachers and educational stakeholders
  • Communication and exchange of experience between ANTIGONE and CER
  • Preparation of workshops and implementation of workshops to schools
  • Design of informational materials
  • Communication and dissemination of project activities and results



The project is implemented during 2022



ANTIGONE – Information and Documentation Center on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non Violence

with the participation of the Community Energy River


Funding Body

Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Thessaloniki Office, Greece