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Public Urban Green Spaces as the core for Social Innovation and Civil Society (InSocial)

InSocial aims to establish, demonstrate and exchange good practices for the evaluation of urban green spaces and the promotion of their environmental and social benefits, in order to link them to actions of social innovation and civil society activities.

Overall objective

InSocial has as an overall objective to use town twinning, as an institutional learning and capacity building instrument, based on the partnership cooperation between public administrations, in order to improve the administrative and implementation capacity of Turkey at local level, concerning the sectors of urban environment and society.



  • Development of a method to evaluate the existing public urban green spaces
  • Research on residents’ knowledge on public urban green spaces
  • Development of virtual platform to transfer the results and outputs of the overall action
  • Workshop on social innovation actions via the public urban green spaces


Target group

  • Local public administrations working on urban forestry and greening, public green areas, and social issues
  • Sensitive social groups
  • Academicians and researchers
  • CSO members and local population individuals



15/01/2019 – 14/10/2020



  • Municipality of Akdeniz (Turkey)
  • Municipality of Delta (Greece)
  • Antigone (Greece)



EuropeAid (co-funded by European Union and the Republic of Turkey)