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Human Rights Education for Sustainability of Multicultural Communities (HRESMC)

HRESMC aims to support the Greek school system orientate to alternative educational approaches appropriate to address students from different backgrounds (ethnic, linguistic, cultural, socio-economic etc.) safeguarding human rights for all in the new evolving multi-cultural society.

General Objectives:

  • Offer students of pedagogical departments (future teachers) the motivation and the educational tools to bring a mentality of inclusion in the school environment.
  • Establish the use of non-formal education methodology within the school community.
  • Empower students motivate towards the enjoyment of human rights for all as the vital precondition for democracy and peace in society.

Target groups

  • University students of pedagogical departments
  • Students of primary and secondary schools
  • School teachers and educational stakeholders


  • A 39-hour full training program for university student participants on the use of human rights non-formal education.
  • A practice-phase where student participants practice as non-formal education trainers with groups of children and youth.
  • A project’s final event for the presentation of the project and its results.
  • A project report for wide online and offline dissemination to stakeholders and interested audience.

September 2020 – June 2021

Funding Body
The project is funded by the European Union (Programme: Faces of Migration).

The experience of the first group of university students who participated in the educational program of the action
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video 2

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