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European Web Site on Integration (EWSI)

The European Web Site on Integration (EWSI) is an online toolkit developed by the European Commission with the aim to bring news, good practices and analyses on migrant integration on both EU and country levels. ANTIGONE collaborates with EWSI as an external expert, with the object of material creation for the website and the provision of data related to the integration of immigrants from third countries in Greece, for the conduct of comparative analyses, consolidated studies, etc.


Main objective:

The EWSI project deals with the integration of immigrants from third countries in the European Union. The project provides country-specific information for the shared portal, for example, on new publications, events, projects, legislation and activities of the authorities. Country-specific comparative analysis is also produced for the portal.


Special goals at EU and national level:

  • Integration news, documents, and events published on a daily from across the EU
  • The largest collection of good practices on integration
  • Special pan-EU analyses
  • An overview of the EU’s work on migrant integration
  • Dedicated funding information about EU and other funds available for integration and ongoing financing calls
  • Analytical country-specific information summarising all about the governance of migrant integration in each of the EU countries
  • A monthly newsletter, including relevant open calls


Target groups:

Governmental and non-governmental stakeholders working on integration issues at European, national, regional and local levels are at the centre of the particular Web Site, because it is designed to act as an EU-wide platform for networking on integration, through the exchange of information on policies and practices.



The actions of the project are carried out by Country Coordinators who are experienced integration experts representing the 27 EU countries. The Coordinators upload national-level content, collect information used to produce EU-wide analyses and promote EWSI in their respective countries. This information includes relevant legislation and policy documents, research, news stories, good practices and events focusing on integration. In this framework, they get in touch with government departments and civil society organisations engaging in such activities



The key partner is the Migration Policy Group (MPG), based in Brussels, which is in charge of the website’s day-to-day content maintenance and the management of a network of 27 Country Coordinators who are based in each EU Country Member and are prominent experts in the field of integration of migrants.



April 2022 – April 2025



It is financed through the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals, managed by the Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME) of the European Commission.