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ANTIGONE in ZWBSB Project – Developments in the period of April 2022 – August 2022

ANTIGONE continued with the implementation of its activities and the project closure in this period. In June 2022 in Thessaloniki, the ZeroWasteBSB partnership had the opportunity to finally meet face-to face for the Final Conference and the Partners’ meeting. More than 40 participants with physical presence and almost 20 online participants, from the Ukrainian partner’s side, participated in the Final Conference.

Among the local stakeholders who honored the event with their presence, was the Municipality of Thessaloniki, with the vice-Mayor of the recycling and cleaning department, representatives of the Regional Centre of Educational Planning of Central Macedonia, representatives of the Environmental Education Centre of Eleftherio Kordelio, as well as local important NGOs, such as IncommOn, Kallisto, etc.

With the project activities coming to their conclusion, ANTIGONE’s educators utlilized the experience and material collected during the implementation of the edu-creational workshops and they additionally created 5 awareness raising videos to be disseminated and also included in the Zero Waste Centre tools, to promote and inform about the zero waste work of the project. They can be found on ANTIGONE’s YouTube Channel.

Here below are the numbers of the involved youth in ANTIGONE’s activities in the project context: The Public awareness campaign “Zero Plastic in Schools/universities/ community groups” is completed in 3 schools in total, engaging almost 800 people. The Bottle Cap Art Exhibitions were further disseminated in the awareness raising Exhibition “We only have one World” organized by ECOPOLIS, as well as in the Circular Festive of IncommOn. ANTIGONE also carried out 62 edu-creational workshops, with more than 1300 participants.

In November, ANTIGONE will promote the ZWBSB Project in the Interreg Youth Roadshow 2022, a two-day event, organized by Interact and hosting decision makers from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Interres managing authorities, etc.