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Toward Climate Justice

Author: Brian Tokar
Introduction: Eirik Eiglad
Translation: Stavros Karageorgakis
ISBN: 978-960-98812-6-5
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher (in Greek): Antigone Books, Thessaloniki, 2013

The call for Climate Justice promises a renewed grassroots response to the climate crisis. This emerging movement is rooted in land-based and urban communities around the world that are already experiencing the impacts of global climate disruptions. Climate Justice highlights the social justice and human rights dimensions of the crisis, using creative direct action to press for real, systemic changes.
Toward Climate Justice explains the case for Climate Justice, challenges the myths underlying carbon markets and other false solutions—including the emergence of new nuclear and biofuel technologies—and dissects the events that shaped the diplomatic failure of the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit.
Drawing on more than three decades of political engagement with energy and climate issues, Brian Tokar shows how the perspective of social ecology can point the way toward an ecological reconstruction of society.

About author

Brian Tokar has been an activist, author and a critical voice for ecological activism since the 1980s. He is currently the Director of the Institute for Social Ecology and a lecturer in Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont.
Tokar's most recent book is Toward Climate Justice: Perspectives on the Climate Crisis and Social Change (2010) and he is co-editor of the new collection, Agriculture and Food in Crisis: Conflict, Resistance and Renewal (2010). His other works include the classic book, The Green Alternative (1987, revised 1992), Earth for Sale (1997), and two books on the politics of biotechnology, Redesigning Life? (2001) and Gene Traders (2004).
Tokar is a founding member of the activist network Climate SOS, and his articles on environmental issues and popular movements appear in Z Magazine and Synthesis/Regeneration, and on websites such as Counterpunch, ZNet, and Toward Freedom.
Tokar has lectured throughout the United States, as well as internationally, and is acclaimed as a passionate advocate of grassroots action for ecological sanity and global justice. He received a Project Censored Award for his investigative history of Monsanto Corporation (first published in The Ecologist), and was an organizer of the annual “Biojustice” protests against the biotechnology industry from 2000 - 2007.
Tokar holds concurrent degrees from MIT in biology and physics, and a Masters degree in biophysics from Harvard University.