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Iron Curtain Trail (ICT)

Ecology, Bicycle, South‑East‑Europe‑Programme, Sustainable‑tourism, Sustainable‑development, intercultural‑dialogue

The project aims to connect SEE regions by the ICT long distance cycling route, to improve accessibility of the SEE regions by bicycle, to connect cycling and public transport opportunities and to promote cycling and combined sustainable transportation as a means of sustainable mobility. It also provides opportunities to exchange experiences and transfer know how among partners involved. At regional level, the project will contribute to future improvement of cycling, sustainable transport and tourism. Participating countries are Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Former Yugoslavic Republic of Macedonia, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece. The project is also supported by the European Parliament as well as the European Cycling Federation since it is an initiative contributing to the development and promotion of the EuroVelo network.






“Sustainable mobility along the newest EuroVelo route, the Iron Curtain Trail”

Project Description

In 2009, the European Parliament asked the Commission and the Member States to consider the EuroVelo Network and Iron Curtain Trail as an opportunity for promoting European trans-border cycling infrastructure networks, supporting soft mobility and sustainable tourism. The European Commission organised workshops to raise awareness of the ICT and awarded grants to preparatory projects to define the itinerary and develop overview action plans partly covering the SEE region. The current project is the result of this preparatory work, and fully supports the general goals of the SEE transnational programme, its third priority and improves the coordination in promoting, planning and operation for primary and secondary transportation networks.

During the Cold War the iron curtain has been a border, not only physical but, in a harder manner, ideological, that divided Europe into two parts, one in the Soviet Union's yoke and the other one open to the west and to non-communist areas. After the end of the Cold War and the overcome of the tumultuous '90s, a lot has been done in the direction of a complete integration of the countries once separated.

This project aims to strengthen connections, sharing of expertise and common views on future global challenges among countries that were crossed by the iron curtain. The taken way is the one of the promotion and value of the territory through ecologically sustainable development in line with European environmental and social policies. ICT project represents a good reason to cooperate since it connects most of the SEE countries, provides opportunities to learn, to find and to share good solutions for local and regional mobility challenges as well as to promote sustainable transport. The common promotion of the ICT gives even an extra motivation for the more advanced regions to cooperate and transfer their experiences and knowledge to the less developed regions.



  • improve the accessibility of the SEE region by bicycle

  • connect European regions by a long distance cycle route

  • realise opportunities for cycling and public transport connections

  • promote cycling as a means of sustainable mobility and tourism

  • exchange of experiences and raise awareness of cycling and public transport (PT) related developments


Target groups

  • daily cyclists

  • cycling tourists

  • public transport service providers

  • cycling related tourism service providers

  • tourism promotion bodies

  • NGOs

  • regional development bodies

  • local authorities



Project communication and dissemination. Analysis and planning. Best Practices. Completion of the survey of the route and the detailed transnational action plan. Feasibility study and pilot actions to improve the combined (cycling and PT) services and the route conditions. Development of sustainable mobility offers and connecting pilot activities (e.g. signposting, cycling friendly service providers, networks). Promotion and external communication. Marketing and communication plan. Development of regional soft tourism and mobility portals. Promotion tools and campaigns, promotional events. Exchange of experiences, know-how transfer. Organisation of the sustainable management of the route. Training events and study tours for stakeholders. Monitoring manual and evaluation of the project results. Integration of cycling into regional / national policies, strategies, generation of new projects.



October 2012 - September 2014



South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme (SEE)



WPRED West Pannon Regional and Economic Development Nonprofit Ltd-Leader Partner (Hungary)

BGLD Regional Governement of Burgenland (Austria)

EKOPOLIS Ekopolis Foundation (Slovakia)

HCA Hungarian Cycling Alliance (Hungary)

RRA MURA Regional Development Agency Mura Ltd (Slovenia)

BCA Bulgarian Cycling Association (Bulgaria)

ANTIGONE Antigone Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Violence (Greece)

GMA Green Methodology Association (Hungary)

ASWM Association of South-western Municipalities (Bulgaria)

BAAT Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (Bulgaria)

INCDT National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism (Romania)

MOJ BICIKL Ngo My Bike (Croatia)

YCC Yugo Cycling Campaign (Serbia)

CDSEPR Centre for Development of the South-East planning region (FYROM)

Prefecture of East Macedonia and Thrace (Greece)


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National Survey Report for the Greek side of the Bulgarian-Greek and the Turkish-Greek sections of the Iron Curtain Trail (EuroVelo 13) - [EN, 795 KB]

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