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Real Expressive Artistic Learning (REAL)

REAL is a project targeting young artists with physical and mental disabilities.


Words are stones (WaS)

"Words are Stones" project aims at involving NGO activists and European citizens in stopping cultural, social, political and media legitimization of racism and xenophobia in the political and public debate.


SalonIC: Symbiosis ‘n’ InterCulturality

“SalonIC” is a pluralist festival that reveals Thessaloniki as a timeless city that welcomes and promotes mutual respect and intercultural dialogue among diverse groups. The festival is an initiative of ANTIGONE in collaboration with Onassis Scholarship Association fellows and takes place with the participation of numerous local NGOs, municipal actors, cultural organizations and independent artists.


MICRON! Managing Issues of Controversy by human Rights educatiON!

MICRON! project aims to contribute to the development of an inclusive school community that will be tolerant to diversity and will function under human rights principles and scope. It involves a series of activities in the field of education in order to engage educational stakeholders in promoting democratic and peace education in local communities of 5 different regions (Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Achaia, Heraklion and Lesvos).


Cross the Borders

This youth exchange supports the professional development of youth workers through the implementation of activities including transnational / international seminars, training courses, contact-making events, study visits and job observation periods in organizations active in the youth field. Project aims to share best practices among youth workers in the field of youth migrants and empower social workers with abilities to better manage stress in work situation.


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