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“ANTIGONE – Information and Documentation Center on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Violence” is a non-profit organisation with its central offices located in Thessaloniki and a branch in Athens. From its establishment in 1993, ANTIGONE is active in the fields of anti-racism and non-discrimination, human rights, ecology, peace and non-conflict resolution.

ANTIGONE develops activities aiming to assure equality of opportunities for everyone without any negative discrimination based on gender, race, national or social origin, disability, colour, religion, age, sexual orientation etc. On the bases of solidarity and direct activation ANTIGONE attempts to contribute towards the creation of the appropriate social conditions so that every person can take on active role in the various aspects of social, economic and cultural life. Furthermore, ANTIGONE targets to raising awareness and sensitisation of the wider society on non-discrimination issues, human rights, social ecology, non violence and interculturality.

ANTIGONE participates as coordinator or as partner in both national and international projects. The organisation carries out sensitisation activities, events on non-discrimination, non-formal educational workshops on the integration of differentiality conducted via the methodology of non-formal education as well as seminars and vocational training workshops in various thematic sections. From January 2002, ANTIGONE organises the Annual Round Table Against Discrimination, Racism and Xenophobia. Furthermore, the organisation has a constant presence in the antiracist festivals and other events in Athens and Thessaloniki while it also participates in various networks that are set on local, national or international level.

In the research field on racism and migration ANTIGONE has carried out analytical studies on issues related to employment, education, housing of migrants, legislation, racist violence, minority and other vulnerable groups issues. Furthermore, ANTIGONE has submitted case studies related to good and bad practices on combating racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism.

From 2001 and on ANTIGONE has been the official National Focal Point that cooperates with European Observatory on Racism and Xenophobia -today Fundamental Rights Agency of the EU- for setting up “RAXEN” network (Racism and Xenophobia European Network). Furthermore, from 2007 ANTIGONE in synergy with the Center for European Constitutional Law is partner of EU Fundamental Rights Agency “FRALEX” programme.

From 2011 ANTIGONE in synergy with the Center for European Constitutional Law, the Hellenic League for Human Rights and the Minority Groups Research Center participate in FRANET programme as National Focal Point of Fundamental Rights Agency that has unified the thematics of previous programmes (RAXEN and FRALEX). A significant quota of FRA research is based on data and information collected by the national focal points of the Agency in EU member states.

FRANET with its various and specialized research on human rights issues contribute to the Agency’s provision of independent and factual consultation on fundamental human rights to EU member states. The main target of FRANET is to safeguard full respect of fundamental rights around the EU. Specifically, based on data collected on human rights field by national focal points using appropriate research tools and expertise, the Agency issues opinions and recommendations on how EU institutions and member states can safeguard respect towards fundamental rights in practice during the implementation of common legislation and policies.

Towards the fulfillment of this target FRA accomplishes the following duties:

  • information and data collection and analysis
  • support and expertise provision
  • dissemination of information and sensitisation on human rights field

EU institutions propose and approve the thematic sections of the Agency for a 5 year period of time. Discrimination, access to justice, racism and xenophobia, data protection, rights of the victims of illegal acts as well as rights of the child are all included in the basic sectors of research and field work of FRA.

For the full monitor of the dominant situation, FRANET combines data of legal analysis with data that arise under real conditions from the everyday experiences of people. Documentation research is completed via social field research using opinion polls, surveys and interviews or through the analysis of the available data.

In parallel, from 2010 ANTIGONE has been selected as cooperation partner working with the “European Anti-Discimination Legal Experts Network (Legalent)” that specialises in monitoring all institutional developments in legislation and jurispurence and on a regular basis develops surveys, analyses and studies on the implementation of the principle of equal treatment between EU member states.

Description of all implemented and running projects of "ANTIGONE" can be found here.